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TRAVEL PLAN PLUS stands for "Travel Reduction Attainment Via Energy-efficient Localities PLANning".

The project aimed to deliver transport-sector energy savings by creating a new approach to site-based mobility management across Europe. It saw the concept of 'Local Travel Plan Networks' (LTPNs) – which can offer economies of scale in terms of resource availability and political influence over traditional organisation-focused travel plans – being applied in the municipal areas of Bages (Spain), Györ (Hungary), Stockholm (Sweden) and Cambridgeshire (UK). These implementations considered a range of existing conditions and transport issues, including problems associated with transport for/around industrial estates, educational premises, airports and development corridors.

The overall objective of TRAVEL PLAN PLUS was to promote energy efficiency through the use of LTPNs across the EU, and it will:

  • Developed a framework in order to aid and promote the implementation and dissemination of LTPNs in a systematic way
  • Implemented four LTPNs in representative locations across the EU
  • Monitored and evaluated these LTPNs
  • Provided recommendations for developing an effective policy framework
  • Encouraged and supported the widespread adoption of LTPNs across the EU

The work undertaken has provided important guidelines on the implementation process, which will be of use to policy makers and implementers.

The project lasted 30 months and had an overall budget of 1 Million Euros. It was funded by the European Commission's Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation under its "Intelligent Energy – Europe" Programme.