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How to create and sustain a Local Travel Plan Network
Distance Learning Short Course

Welcome and short course objectives

Welcome the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS distance learning short course. This short course is aimed at anyone involved in or interested in learning more about Local Travel Plan Networks.

The objectives of this distance learning short course are:

  • To increase awareness of LTPNs in order to influence policy
  • To develop an understanding of contexts which supports LTPN development and the resources required for success
  • To provide individuals with the tools to initiate and implement a LTPN and then monitor and evaluate the impacts


Technical requirements

For best results, we recommend the following technical specification for the computer on which you intend to take the course:

  • Broadband internet connection
  • Wired network connection
  • Browsers: although the course works in all browsers, for the best performance we recommend Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac OS

Software required:


Registration for the course

To request your username and password to complete the short-course, please email with your preferred name and email address, and "Travel Plan Plus Distance Learning Short Course" in the body of the email. You will then receive your login details to the email address provided.

Once you have received your details, login here: