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Implementation Site: Bages, Spain

The following information is available about the Bages LTPN area:

Local Travel Plan Network Design Features

The Central Catalonian Mobility Consortium provides a platform to improve mobility in the county. A subcommittee of the consortium coordinates the LTPN in Bages. This approach was adopted to avoid duplicating existing established local structures of mobility management.

The president of the sub-committee is the former president of the Central Catalonian Mobility Consortium and has an extensive network across the area and knowledge of mobility management issues.

The LTPN is an Area Travel Plan. No financial input has been provided from onsite businesses to date.

  • All funding initially came from the EU
  • The coordinator was employed by the local authority
  • There are several existing sustainable modes to the sites, but potential to improve considerably
  • ICAEN (Energy Agency of Catalonia) agreed to subsidise the deficit of a pilot van pool scheme for the first year of operation providing funds can be secured to support it for a further two years. This has yet to be secured.

The LTPN continues to involve:

  • County Council of Bages (CCB)
  • Central Catalonia Mobility Consortium (CCMC)
  • Municipality of Santpedor
  • Municipality of Sant Fruitós de Bages
  • Chamber of Commerce of Manresa
  • Trade unions (CCOO, UGT)
  • Representatives of large organisations
  • Representatives of smaller organisations

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