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Implementation Site: Bages, Spain

The following information is available about the Bages LTPN area:

LTPN Portfolio

Welcome to the LTPN portfolio of the Bages site. On this page you will find a number of documents prepared during the implementation of the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS project in Bages, a county located at 60 km North of Barcelona (Spain). The LTPN in Bages has been developed in an area of industrial estates of the municipalities of Sant Fruitós and Santpedor with nearly 500 businesses and more than 5,000 employees.

Among all the information available in the portfolio, we would like to highlight the following files. Please note that some of the content of the portfolio is in Catalan or Spanish.

  • Video of the LTPN in Bages: In order to get an overview of the project activities in Bages you can start by watching the video, which summarises the challenges, objectives and key aspects of the LTPN implementation in our site.
  • Mobility audits: In order to raise the businesses' awareness of the mobility problem and to find solutions, the Consell Comarcal del Bages, within the project, has carried out a campaign of mobility audits focused on the most important industries of the area. You will find all mobility audit reports issued during this campaign. They are in Catalan, but you can consult, as example, a summary in English for the Company 6.
  • Media coverage: The project had a significant coverage by the local and regional media. As example you can consult the item R7M_14052009 18 where you will find an editorial published in one of the most important regional newspaper stressing the key role that LTPNs can play on improving the mobility in industrial states.
  • LTPN proposals: This presentation contains an overview of all mobility improvements proposed by the LTPN in Bages.

Alternatively, use the links below to explore the full portfolio:

Monthly records

Zero State Analysis

Marketing and communication

Marketing and communication strategy

Press releases

Media appearances

External meetings


Site Travel Plan

Organisational meetings

Steering Group Minutes

Working Group Minutes

Monitoring data

Traffic counts

Mobility audits


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