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Implementation Site: Cambridgeshire, UK

The following information is available about the Cambridgeshire LTPN area:

Area Information

The Cambridgeshire County Council and Travel for Work Partnership (CCCTfW) LTPN site is north Milton Road employment area in Cambridge. The LTPN site comprises the Cambridge Science Park, the Cambridge Business Park and the St John's Innovation Centre. The LTPN site is located on the northern fringe of the City of Cambridge; it is bisected by the 'Milton Road (A1309). Its northern limit is defined by the A14 trunk road.

Implementation sites: Cambridgeshire

Figure 1: North Milton Road LTPN in relation to Cambridge's road and rail infrastructure and major new development sites

This area was chosen because there are several large neighbouring employment sites consisting of many companies. These are purpose built parks of serviced offices. The land is owned by landlords, in two cases by colleges of the University of Cambridge (Trinity and St John's). The Business Park is owned by the UK Government (Crown Estate). All the parks are managed by property agents, however their roles are not consistent; some have an on-site presence others are managed from off-site offices.

Implementation sites: Cambridgeshire

Figure 2: North Milton Road Employment Area – Cambridge, UK

There is very good road access to the site. The A14 links the LTPN area to the towns of St Ives, Huntingdon and the city of Peterborough to the North; and to Newmarket and the county of Suffolk to the East. It is the major road that transfers a huge amount of freight from the East coast ports at Harwich and Felixstowe to the 'Midlands' and onwards to the UK north, Wales and the ports to Eire. Therefore, in Cambridgeshire there is competition for road space between this 'through traffic' and local traffic, including significant commuting traffic causing a 'pinch point'. The road has only two lanes in each direction and has to absorb South-North traffic at the end of the M11 motorway, which links the LTPN site to towns south of Cambridge City, to Stansted Airport and to London. The A10 trunk road directly links the site to the town of Ely and further north to the Norfolk county coast. None of the main employer sites currently report extreme car park pressures.

The LTPN area is very well placed at the northern end of the Cambridge cycle route network. The area is currently serviced by four bus services but there are ongoing delays to the opening of Europe's longest guided busway system, which will serve the LTPN area. Once launched, this will see a new and attractive energy efficient public transport option, with high quality buses running up to every 10 minutes. However, the delays are receiving negative publicity which provides a further challenge in promoting the bus. Cambridge City railway station is approximately 3 miles from the LTPN area. The station has direct linkages to many of the region's larger towns. However, there is no direct bus link to the LTPN area. The current bus journey requires a change at the city centre bus station, making this a less attractive option to the more energy intensive driving to the LTPN area.

A survey carried out in October 2009 indicated that 58% people travelled to work by car as the sole occupant, a further 10% car shared and 17% cycled (the average for Cambridgeshire as a whole is 24%). Of the remainder 4% walked to work, 3%travelled by bus and, 2% worked at home and 1% travelled by each train, motorcycle and other.

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