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Implementation Site: Cambridgeshire, UK

The following information is available about the Cambridgeshire LTPN area:

Local Travel Plan Network Design Features

Prior to TRAVEL PLAN PLUS, CCCTfW provided travel planning support to individual organisations. Despite significant issues with congestion affecting organisations across the LTPN area earlier attempts to create joint initiatives across the various employers and employment sites were not successful. TRAVEL PLAN PLUS changed this.

The TRAVEL PLAN PLUS EU funding has been used to secure additional funding from funds provided by developers to Cambridgeshire County Council, as a planning requirement. These funds are to be used to help mitigate the transport implications of new developments. This has assisted in employing Gary Armstrong as a dedicated TRAVEL PLAN PLUS co-ordinator and Tammy Liu as a senior administrator. Furthermore one of the site management agents is providing free on-site office accommodation for the team.

The LTPN started as an Area Travel Plan but with elements of a Neighbourhood Transport Forum. The elements that are relevant for the Cambridgeshire site were:

  • No financial input from onsite businesses
  • All funding initially coming from EU and Section 106 (Planning related) funds
  • Coordinator employed by local authority
  • In kind support provided by LTPN organisations
  • Bus companies providing bus passes for new users
  • Several existing sustainable modes to the sites, but potential to improve considerably

There is a need therefore to ensure that a robust agreement is drawn up to gain commitment from the onsite players – and to avoid the 'free ride' scenario.

The intention continues to be to move the LTPN towards a Transport Management Association model to ensure succession of the LTPN.

Stakeholders are:

  • Cambridge Business Park (800 employees)
  • Cambridge Science Park (4,770 employees)
  • St John's Innovation Centre (<850 employees)
  • Cambridge Regional College (678 employees, ~4,500 students)
  • Taylor Vinters Solicitors (220 employees)
  • CCCTfW
  • UK Highways Agency

This means that 7,318 employees plus 4,500 students benefitted from TRAVEL PLAN PLUS.

The LTPN continues to be supported by:

  • Local Authorities:
    • Cambridge City Council
    • Cambridgeshire County Council: the local highway authority (for minor and suburban roads)
    • South Cambridgeshire District Council
  • Transport Operators:
    • Stagecoach Buses
    • Whippet Buses
    • National Express (trains)
  • Match-funders:
    • UK Highways Agency
    • East of England Development Agency
    • Cambridgeshire Horizons (local public body charged with over-seeing the significant development plans for Cambridgeshire)
    • Cambridgeshire County Council from funds provided by developers

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