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Implementation Site: Cambridgeshire, UK

The following information is available about the Cambridgeshire LTPN area:

Progress During the Project

The CCCTfW LTPN was launched in November 2009. Throughout the project CCCTfW had an on-site presence, with a commuter centre close to the core functions of the Cambridge Science Park, and active Steering Group and special interest groups, such as a Bicycle User Group (BUG).

Together these stakeholders implemented measures and developed initiatives to encourage sustainable travel; these include electric bicycles (available for business use and to trial for the commute to work), cycle training and bike maintenance classes, a personalised travel planning service, free bus passes from stagecoach for new users and commuter roadshows to provide information at workplaces across the site.

As a result of such LTPN activities there was growing awareness of TRAVEL PLAN PLUS amongst employers and employees and increased interest in receiving the regular electronic newsletter.

During the project timescale travel surveys demonstrated a 6% reduction in car use for the journey to work, which is impressive given that measures were only started being implemented in the 7 months prior to the second survey. However the vehicles miles travelled to the sites increased, with employees commuting longer distances, resulting in a 6% increase in energy used. There are two main contributing factors to this trend; firstly, the Cambridge LTPN area was less affected than other areas by the economic downturn and secondly, in recent years people are moving out of Cambridge because of the high cost of living in the city.

For further details of the Cambridge's LTPN see the portfolio, which includes project newsletters, postcode mapping and a lift share calculator to demonstrate how much money you can save by sharing the commute with other car users.

Implementation sites: Cambridgeshire

Figure 3: Bicycle User Group Event

Future Work

In Cambridgeshire, the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS team has secured money through the local development planning process to finance the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS Co-ordinator and Senior Administrator until April 2012. For the next year TRAVEL PLAN PLUS is guaranteed to continue with an on-site commuter centre, regular newsletters and events to encourage sustainable travel. During this time the team plans to align the LTPN objectives with changing government priorities and also identify new sources of funding to continue the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS LTPN. From 2013 the commuter centre will be integrated within a new Radisson Blu hotel and conference centre at the Science Park.

Further Information

Further details about the site and the LTPN can be found in the Feasibility Study and the Detailed Implementation Plan. The Interim implementation and Evaluation Report has details for each of the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS implementation sites, including Cambridgeshire. For more specific information, please visit the partner page or contact

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