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Implementation Site: Cambridgeshire, UK

The following information is available about the Cambridgeshire LTPN area:

LTPN Portfolio

Welcome to the LTPN portfolio for the Cambridge site.

On this page you can find out more details of the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS LTPN in the UK. We hope you find it interesting.

If you've only got a few minutes can we suggest a few items to look at?

  • Newsletter – August 2010: This will give you a good flavour of the type of initiatives, services and successes that the Cambridge TP+ team.
  • Electric pool bike scheme poster: This has been one of our most successful mini projects. The electric bikes are being borrowed almost on a daily basis both for business use but also for new cyclists to try a commute.
  • Lift-sharing Calculator: In the UK we call lift sharing 'car sharing'. This calculator has its limitations (it only covers fuel) but it has been popular with potential liftsharers.
  • Post code mapping: These are invaluable, especially at the early stages of developing your LTPN. The maps quickly focus planning on where there is potential to encourage change. For example we 22% of people cycle to our TP+ site – which is very good in the UK. However, the mapping tells us that 38% of people live within 5 miles (8km) of the site which in flat Cambridge with many cycle routes is easily achievable. So we keep promoting cycling!
  • Finance Data: This is worth looking at to see the potential for an LTPN to generate additional resources that can extend the scope and scale of your project. Your LTPN will have access to a large mass of traveling people and you can use this to your advantage to encourage project funding and 'in-kind' resources, such as meeting rooms.

Alternatively, use the links below to explore the full portfolio:

Monthly records

Zero State Analysis

Marketing and communication

TP+ Newsletters


Liftsharing (commonly known as car sharing the UK)


Personal Travel Planning


Post Code Mapping

Press Coverage



Area Travel Plan

Organisational meetings: TP+ Cambridge Steering Group Meetings

Monitoring data


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