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Implementation Site: Györ, Hungary

The following information is available about the educational institute travel plan network in Györ:

Local Travel Plan Network Design Features

Travel Plans were quite a new concept in Hungary. Investment in transport was focussed on physical improvements, e.g., road construction or other infrastructure investments, rather than mobility management programs. TRAVEL PLAN PLUS provided the opportunity to target investment by providing real solutions for real problems. This resulted in investment to reduce energy requirements through improving safety conditions, developing services and delivering campaigns to pupils and their families, in order to change behaviour.

Katalin Körmöci was appointed as the travel plan coordinator for the project. Her role in the education department involved working with the schools on different educational programs, including project management of different of transport-related projects. She is actively involved in the organisation of sustainable mobility and environment awareness raising campaigns e.g., Travel to Work and School Campaign, Car free day, Mobility Week, Earth Day.

The LTPN is an Educational Institution Travel Plan Network, which initially focuses on these four schools. No financial input was provided from onsite businesses:

  • All initial funding came from the EU
  • The coordinator was employed by the local authority
  • There were several existing sustainable modes to the sites, but considerable potential to improve

In November 2010, towards the end of the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS project, a conference promoted sustainable travel to all schools in the municipality, 44 out of 56 schools were represented. This opened up the LTPN to all schools in the area, three schools joined immediately and others decided to participate in events.

The following stakeholders continue to support the LTPN:

  • The Educational Institutions (4 +3 institutions)
  • The Municipality of Györ
  • The LTPN contains 4 local authorities
  • Representatives from the local universities are involved in the LTPN
  • The local public transport company is represented
  • Three civil organisations who campaign to raise the awareness of sustainable mobility are involved (KERET and Reflex and Fehér Nyíl)

Other interested parties who continue to support and promote the LTPN include:

  • Ministry of Transportation, Energy and Telecommunication
  • Ministry of Environmental and Water Protection
  • KOMSZOL – Communal Service Center
  • Györ City Council
  • Kisalföld Volán Ltd. Buses
  • SZE University Alternative vehicles
  • MÁV – Hungarian Train Association

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