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Implementation Site: Györ, Hungary

The following information is available about the educational institute travel plan network in Györ:

Progress During the Project

In the municipality Györ a network encompassing four educational institutes was launched in March 2009. The LTPN was fully integrated within a wider campaign with an emphasis on sustainable lifestyles. Originally focussed on 4 schools, following a conference to highlight the achievements of the LTPN all schools in the municipality could join from November 2010 onwards.

The LTPN continues to be campaign led and events such as the cyclists breakfast in the centre of Györ, building model bicycles from recyclables and a 'what's the fastest mode challenge' have engaged pupils and their families and teachers. One facility aimed at school children provides free access to bicycles within a park where they can gain road safety awareness.

The LTPN was embraced at a strategic level and this was a challenge given low awareness of travel plans in Györ at the start of the project. As a result of the LTPN there was a 3% reduction in the number of pupils travelling to school as a car passenger and enthusiastic uptake of the bike, this delivered a 9% reduction in energy use.

To view photos of awareness raising, exchange and participatory events go to Györ's LTPN portfolio. Here there is also a travel plan detailing the situation at the start of the LTPN and plans into the future.

Implementation sites: Györ

Figure 3: Bicycle access for pupils

Future Work

By the end of the project Györ's LTPN was already evolving; more schools had joined the network and were participating in events and receiving resources. Funding has been secured to invest in further measures identified by LTPN members, including walking buses, cycle trains and a school bus; as a result the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS project will continue to have a significant impact upon mode choice.

Further Information

Further details about the site and the LTPN can be found in the Feasibility Study and the Detailed Implementation Plan. The Interim implementation and Evaluation Report has details for each of the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS implementation sites, including Györ. For more specific information, please visit the partner page or contact

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