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Implementation Site: Stockholm, Sweden

The following information is available about the Stockholm LTPN area:

Area Information

The selected LTPN in Sweden is Cargo City, a freight terminal located within the boundaries of Stockholm Arlanda airport.

Stockholm Arlanda is Swedens largest airport (167 flight destinations, 15,000 staff members at 250 companies and 18.1m passenger in 2008) and an important hub for both the Stockholm and Scandinavian region. The airport is located 45km north of Stockholm City. In 2008, Stockholm-Arlanda was the Nordic airport with the highest volume increase of air cargo – a total of five percent. The airport freight management is undertaken at Cargo City, a 9000m2 terminal handling over 200,000 tonnes of goods per annum.

Implementation sites: STA

Figure 1: Location map Arlanda Airport

Implementation sites: STA

Figure 2: Detailed location map Arlanda Airport

At the start of the project there was 19 companies and 653 employees at Cargo City. However, plans for expansion involve increasing the total area to 150,000 m2, creating two additional freight terminals and employing thousands of people.

Most employees at Cargo City are employed in manual jobs and work shifts (a normal day is divided into three shifts including the night), so they rarely use computers in their daily work activities. Business travel is also uncommon. Shift work made it difficult to communicate the importance of sustainable travel to staff.

From 2011 the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is committed by law to limit the emissions generated by energy and all travel to, from and within the airport. The aim is to reach the airport's CO2 zero vision by 2012. This commitment alongside the planned expansion for Cargo City provided the motivation to implement the LTPN here. It is also planned that this LTPN will act as a pilot for Arlanda as a whole and over time all organisations within Arlanda Airport will be part of the network.

The airport's road access is very good as well as the provision of bus and train services (long-distance, high-speed and commuter services). Arlanda, including Cargo City, connects with the nearby towns of Märsta and Sigtuna via the 273 and 263 whilst the 77 and E18 link the LTPN site to Norrtälje. The E4 provides access to Uppsala and Stockholm. However, Cargo City is located almost 2km south west (approximately a 20 minute walk) away from the main buildings of the airport where the train and bus stations with frequent services are situated. During the day there is a bus service linking the airport with Cargo City but this does not operate over night, so cannot meet the demands of shift workers.

The only bus route servicing Cargo City is the 583 between Märsta and Arlanda providing three services every hour. The bus stop is located on Cargo Cityvägen outside the Cargo City security gate. During the project Stockholm Public Transport (SL) increased the number of services on the 583 route (including night services as many of the Cargo City employees work late night shifts). The cycle and pedestrian routes were also upgraded (partly segregated from traffic and partly shared with vehicles on the local roads) between Cargo City and Märsta/Sigtuna.

A Travel Survey was carried out for Arlanda staff during the first quarter of 2008. It received 3,668 responses (54% of employees; of these 58% travelled by car, 13% by bus and a further 13% using the Arlanda Express train and 5% cycled. The four most common reasons for travelling by a specific mode are time savings (60%), access to mode (37%), comfort (36%) and financial incentives (28%).

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