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Implementation Site: Stockholm, Sweden

The following information is available about the Stockholm LTPN area:

Local Travel Plan Network Design Features

At the start of TRAVEL PLAN PLUS there was no tradition of producing travel plans in Sweden and it is still a new concept. As knowledge is growing, particularly amongst people outside the planning industry, it can be challenging to communicate the concept to stakeholders. For this reason establishing a LTPN at Cargo City took longer than expected.

However, given that a shift from car based journeys to more sustainable modes was necessary to ensure the airport stayed within a set 'emission limit' the stakeholders engaged with the LTPN concept. Once this was achieved it was agreed that the LTPN will function as an Area Travel Plan, with WSP as the coordinator. The aim is for the network to be in place for many years to come, both as a good example for the rest of the Arlanda region but also as a firm foundation for the planned Cargo City expansion and the associated increase in employee numbers.

In the first instance financial input came from:

  • The EU
  • Swedish Airports and Air Navigation Services
  • Swedish Transport Administration

As the LTPN developed UL also invested financially by providing public transport for new users.

The LTPN steering group continues to comprise:

  • Internal stakeholders:
    • Swedish Airports and Air Navigation Services – state owned company managing the airport
    • TRAVEL PLAN PLUS Coordinator
    • Company representatives for all companies in Cargo City
  • External stakeholders:
    • SL (equivalent to TfL) – Public Transport Company owned by the County Administrative Board of Stockholm
    • Sigtuna Council – initiated the Action Programme for Arlanda to enable a reduction of airport related pollution
    • Swedish Transport Association (STA) – responsible for many of Sweden's roads and a keen interest in mobility management, minimising traffic and safety issues
    • UL – Public Transport Company for the Uppsala Region

The LTPN consists of four main groups, the Steering Group, a Work Group involving the steering group and business representatives from cargo city, Cargo City employees and relevant working groups. During the project the coordinator's role was to investigate, develop and assist in implementing measures to create a change in modal split towards sustainable modes of transportation, this achieved by working directly with the Steering Group and Work Group.

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