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Implementation Site: Stockholm, Sweden

The following information is available about the Stockholm LTPN area:

Progress During the Project

Despite the airport's wider commitment to energy efficient operation, finding the right person at the Arlanda Airport to champion the Cargo City LTPN initially hindered progress. However, early in 2010 the newly appointed Public Transport manager for the airport took up the challenge. Working with STA, WSP and external stakeholders Roland Ljunggren brought together a steering group representing companies at Cargo City.

The longer term future of the LTPN was ensured following the confirmation that the CO2 cap was to be legally enforced from 2011, it provides a shared objective across organisations and hence the need to invest in sustainable travel. As a result of this roles and responsibilities have been assigned and there is a commitment to the LTPN.

The Stockholm LTPN portfolio provides further details about how the challenges at Cargo City were overcome as detailed in the monthly records. Other resources include GIS maps of the home addresses and mode choice, which offered a powerful tool for LTPN development.

Implementation sites: STA

Figure 4: Cargo City LTPN Champion and Public Transport Manager
"Action and vision for increasing the use of collective transport"

Future Work

In Stockholm the emissions cap at Arlanda airport provides a compelling reason for Cargo City to maintain and develop the LTPN. This is motivating all the key stakeholders – specifically Swedavia, the Swedish Transport Administration, public transport operators, and the LTPN companies – to continue their efforts to further benefit the region, the airport and employees at Cargo City. Possible ways to ensure this includes integrating the LTPN within the remit of the existing public transport group and there is the potential to expand the LTPN to involve all organisations within the Arlanda Airport boundaries.

Further Information

Further details about the site and the LTPN can be found in the Feasibility Study and the Detailed Implementation Plan. The Interim Implementation and Evaluation Report has details for each of the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS implementation sites, including SStockholm. For more specific information, please visit the partner page or contact

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