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News Archive – 2009

December 2009:

  • Project News – COMMERCE meeting Bucharest, Romania
    Project leader Marcus Enoch presented information on the progress of TRAVEL PLAN PLUS so far to a COMMERCE partner meeting in Bucharest Romania. This reciprocal activity further cemented links between the two sister IEE-funded projects. Specifically, experience of LTPN operations in France and Lithuania was learned whilst findings from the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS State of the Art Review and implementation exercises were shared. Discussion also focused on the potential for greater cooperation in preparing recommendations for practice and guidance for dissemination activities.

November 2009:

  • Project News – TRAVEL PLAN PLUS meets in Stockholm, Sweden
    The third project meeting took place in Stockholm, Sweden during November 2009. All implementation partners are now developing LTPNs with organisations on site, there was much discussion and idea sharing between partners during the meeting to progress this. The visit to the Cargo City at Arlanda Airport gave a true appreciation of the efficiency gains already achieved by the airport. It's involvement in TRAVEL PLAN PLUS demonstrates their continued commitment to climate change, with existing good practice being developed to benefit the growing number of employees based at Cargo City as freight operations expand. A presentation by Paul Curtis about the IEE project COMMERCE identified the synergies between the travel plan related sister projects and Information shared about EPOMM+ recognised the role of TRAVEL PLAN PLUS in European mobility management. The next project meeting will involve the advisory committee and will be hosted by Györ during May 2010.
  • Site News – Press release: Commuters given the choice what to go to work on
    A Cambridgeshire commuter choice showcase took place at the Trinity Centre in the Science Park on the 18th November. To find out more about the information available to Cambridgeshire's workforce, see the full article.

October 2009:

  • Project News – Press release: Local Travel Plan Networks not yet delivering potential transport benefits says European Project
    English versionHungarian version
  • Site News – Press release: What's in a name? – EU funded travel project is looking for a new name
    Cambridgeshire's LTPN site gains it's own identity. Click here for more information. Competition results coming soon!

September 2009:

  • Site News – Sustainable school orientation
    The energy conscious LTPN schools in Györ invited their TP+ coordinator to assist new and returning students in making sustainable travel choices. As part of the school orientation day the benefits of travelling by bicycle were shared. Students put their knowledge into practice, playing an active part in European Mobility Week events.

August 2009:

  • Project News – The State of the Art Review goes public
    The main outputs are:

May 2009:

  • Project News – TRAVEL PLAN PLUS meets in Bages, Spain
    The second TRAVEL PLAN PLUS meeting took place in Bages, Spain during May 2009. All partners contributed the State of the Art review by interviewing national and international mobility management experts and highlighting literature on the development of travel plans and LTPNs. Finding from the State of the Art Review are now informing the design of the LTPNs. The SUMO-inspired monitoring and evaluation framework was agreed for TRAVEL PLAN PLUS. It will quantify the energy saving potential for each LTPN as well as recognising local needs and priorities. A greater understanding of implementation process and outcomes will allow for the growth of LTPNs across Europe. The TRAVEL PLAN PLUS advisory committee joined all the partners in visiting the Santa Anna Industrial Estate in Bages. They provided practical advice for all partners preparing to implement their LTPN. The next project meeting will be hosted by Stockholm during November 2009.

April 2009:

  • Site News – TRAVEL PLAN PLUS feasibility studies select implementation sites
    Partners selected the sites for LTPN implementation in: The decision was based on contextual; operational and organisational; financial; legal and political feasibility. Partners assessed the ability of each site to meet project objectives and monitor the process and impact over the course of the 30 month project during site selection. For more information on each of the sites, including copies of feasibility studies, see the implementation sites pages.

March 2009:

  • Project News – Experts from Europe and USA contribute to the State of the Art report
    LTPN experts from each of the partner countries plus an expert based in the United States of America (USA) contributed with their knowledge. Interviewees represented three of the four TRAVEL PLAN PLUS target groups: i.e. policy shapers; policy makers; and policy implementers. The interviewees represent national, regional and local government bodies, consultancies and academics. All have extensive knowledge of the subject matter and many have been involved in travel planning, local travel plan networks and mobility management for many years, some since the initial introduction of these 'softer measures' in their respective countries.