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News Archive – 2010

Future News and Events

Throughout 2010:

  • Site News – Implementation of measures at TRAVEL PLAN PLUS sites
    Now all the LTPN sites are active, measures are being implemented onsite. Plans allow for short term implementation of 'quick wins', which provide a visible impact to engage stakeholders, as well as groundwork for measures which will be introduced over the mid to long term. Partners will capitalise on national and European celebrations of mobility management, such as Bike Week in June and European Mobility Week in September.

November 2010:

  • Project News – Local Travel Plan Network Workshop: practical lessons in developing an area-based travel plan, Cambridge UK
    This TRAVEL PLAN PLUS event, organised by the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS consortium and the National Business Travel Network, took place on Tuesday 30 November 2010. The workshop was open to organisations and individuals with an interest in developing and implementing a Local Travel Plan Network. Participants joined the project partners and the advisory committee of the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS project to find out more about the project and to learn from presenters and each other. This was achieved through a mixture of presentations, workshop sessions and networking opportunities. Further details are available here. A number of participants attended the workshop as a part of a PIMMS-TRANSFER promoting the exchange of good practice between European regions. This transfer will assist with the dissemination of LTPNs across Sweden.
  • Project News – TRAVEL PLAN PLUS meeting in Cambridge, UK
    The fifth meeting of the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS consortium took place in Cambridge around the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS workshop. Project partners received a guided tour of the Cambridgeshire LTPN. On each day of the project meeting organisations involved in the network provided lunch and discussed their motivation to be involved in TRAVEL PLAN PLUS. Partners also discussed in some detail the policy and practical recommendations for LTPNs which will be produced as a result of TRAVEL PLAN PLUS.

May 2010:

  • Project News – TRAVEL PLAN PLUS meet in Györ, Hungary
    The TRAVEL PLAN PLUS consortium, accompanied by the advisory committee met in Györ, Hungary on 3-4 May. The first day provided the opportunity for implementation partners to share their success and challenges in implementing an LTPN. On the second day partners were joined by the Advisory Committee to enjoy the site visit to Györ’s LTPN – a network of schools. This was followed by a round table discussion, key discussion points were the LTPN process, including the understanding the role of effective communication; monitoring and evaluation and the central focus on ‘energy’ and reporting of results.
  • Project and Site News – All sites to be up and running May
    All implementation partners now have active TRAVEL PLAN PLUS Local Travel Plan Networks. Network organisations are working together to develop a shared culture for sustainable travel, collectively reducing the negative impact of traffic generated by each individual business or school. Travel plans are new to some of the TRAVEL PLAN PLUS implementation countries so this is an ambitious move to get organisations working together on this concept.

March 2010:

  • Site News – Theme day
    A TRAVEL PLAN PLUS theme day was held at Arlanda airport, Stockholm on 24 March 2010 to share experience of airport surface access planning in the UK. Inspirational talks and workshops communicated the benefits of improving employee access to the airport and airport hinterland to the LTPN steering group and companies at Cargo City. Heather McInroy of the National Business Travel Network, Stephen Ison of Loughborough University and Han Zuiver of Mobycon all contributed to the day. This event was an effective way to kick start activity at the at the LTPN site.
  • Site News – Travel Audits
    Organisations at the Santa Anna Industrial Estate Bages received free travel audits as part of TRAVEL PLAN PLUS activities at the site. Audits identified the best way to deliver commercial benefits to the site through improved employee access. The business focussed approach has created a shared awareness and understanding of TRAVEL PLAN PLUS and the benefits of working with other organisations in the local area.

February 2010:

  • Project News – TRAVEL PLAN PLUS covered February issue of in Verkeerskunde

January 2010:

  • Site News – Travel Plan Safari – 27 January 2010
    A Travel Plan Safari with free breakfast took place on 27th January 2010 at St John's Innovation Centre in the Cambridgeshire LTPN area. The event attracted representatives from organisations across the LTPN area and proved to be an effective way to communicate the benefits of alternatives to the car.