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Consell Comarcal Del Bages

Catalonia, located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, has seven million inhabitants. The main city of Catalonia is Barcelona. The territory is divided in 41 regions. The region of Bages is located right in the centre. Each region has a local authority named "Consell Comarcal".

The Consell Comarcal del Bages contains 35 municipalities; Manresa is the capital. The institution's objective is to coordinate and offer services to all the region's municipalities, including: education and culture, social services, telecommunications, regional development, European programs, consumer's office, environment and youth. Each field supports the towns in the Bages, most of which are very small, with less than 5,000 inhabitants, so do not have many resources to provide services themselves. The Consell Comarcal del Bages is conscious of this and tries to help overcome the problem.

The Consell Comarcal del Bages has a mobility planner and, jointly with the "Local Development" and "Environment" groups, undertakes different actions in the mobility field. The most relevant are:

  • Management organization: the Consell Comarcal del Bages presides the Consorci Viari de la Catalunya Central, an organization that assembles the main socioeconomic organizations of the territory and has the objective of improving the road and train net; The Consell also belongs to the Bages Public Transport Committee together with the Department of Territorial Politics and Public Works of the Autonomous government of Catalonia and the City Council of Manresa
  • Studies and plans: Mobility Survey of Mobility in the region (2003); Proposal of a specific plan for road travellers (2005); Railway Research (2006)
  • Organization of Journeys about the intercity transport and the railway transport prospects
  • Web to share cars and/or journeys implemented in 2005 (
  • Participation in the European project Equal-Hinterland developing actions aimed at reducing difficulties for workers to commute to their workplace, especially women
  • Program of Sustainable Mobility in the areas of economic activity from Bages: since 5 years ago the Consell has an exhaustive data base of companies and industrial parks at In June 2007 it started a mobility program to promote a low environmental mobility system to access the centres of activity away from urban centres




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