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Cambridgeshire County Council
Travel for Work Partnership

The Cambridgeshire County Council Travel for Work Partnership (CCCTfW) was established in 1997 with one travel plan advisor assisting 15 local employers. Its success has led to steady growth; there are currently three full-time CCCTfW officers supporting over 62 employment sites (including many of the local business and science parks) across Cambridgeshire. All of these organisations – covering over 52,000 employees – are working on travel initiatives, mostly using active travel plans.

The work and success of CCCTfW has been recognised at local and national Government levels. The 2004 Smarter Choices report (UK Government's Department for Transport), concluded that CCCTfW is one of the leading organisations within the UK in delivering a reduction in workplace car use.

Today, CCCTfW's has the following vision:

"The Travel for Work Partnership aims to be the leading provider of cost effective and sustainable transport solutions for the business community of Cambridgeshire. We will provide expert advice to Cambridgeshire employers and their employees so that they can access the full benefits of reducing car use for all work related travel."

CCCTfW is currently developing its work – supported by the UK's Department for Transport – to increase the take-up of travel planning (through the planning system) and to begin to foster the development of networks, as demonstrated in this proposal.

Partnership remains a key strength of CCCTfW. A steering group of 11 organisations fund and oversee CCCTfW's work, including four Councils (Cambridge City, County and two Districts), the University and its NHS Hospital Trust, the Primary Care Trust (Health Authority), the Cambridge Cycling Campaign and Chamber of Commerce and the Government Office for the East of England. Working as a not-for-profit partnership enables CCCTfW a degree of independence, whilst still engaging and supporting the strategic objectives of the steering group organisations and serving the interests of reducing transport sector energy consumption.




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