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Györ Megyei jogú Város Polgármesteri Hivata (Municipality of Györ)

Györ is the sixth largest city in Hungary with its 130 000 residents. It is the centre of Györ Moson-Sopron County. The municipality of the city has comprehensive obligations and rights. Under the obligations the municipality has to secure the local public transport for the inhabitants and has the right of setting the price of it. The transport contractor in Györ is a huge stage owned company. Because of the rising costs and decreasing numbers of passengers the municipality has several problems. Car ownership in Györ is rising steadily and increasing traffic problems, increasing the number of traffic jams, the problem of parking and polluting the environment.

The common aim of the city and the contractor is to retain passengers and provide a higher level service. The city would like to work out a public-transport system and network, count with new and other alternative methods, next to higher levels of service, to ensure the professional public-transportation for the educational institutes and therefore reduce related car use and the resulting traffic problems caused by them. Another approach that may be an effective way to reduce the traffic jams and the air pollution would be to improve the cycling facilities and ensure more and safer cycle roads for the students.

The experts of the Municipality are trained in similar projects co financed be the EU, for example Ecocity and Pro-motion.




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