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Mobycon is an independent research and consulting company with 20 years experience in traffic, transport and urban and rural planning. We invariably deal with situations that call for a thorough insight into all the issues involved. Our expert knowledge, creativity, flexibility and - equally essential - ability to control costs mean that we have that insight. Mobycon has 40 employees.

Mobycon has an extensive experience in the field of public transport, demand responsive transport systems and mobility management. Our experience covers topics like public tendering, setting up new concepts, monitoring, evaluation and financial expertise. We always co-operate closely with the local and regional authorities, which is also reflected in our 3 regional offices well-spread across The Netherlands (Delft, Zwolle, Rosmalen).

Mobycon can rely on a European network of over 100 organisations in more than 20 countries. These organisations vary from research institutes to truck manufacturers, from IT suppliers to universities, from road haulage companies to consignors. This extensive network has enabled us to provide the most appropriate solutions for our clients over a wide-ranging field.

Mobycon has its own department 'communication', carrying out communication projects for external and internal clients.

Our principal clients include the European Commission, national ministries, provincial authorities' bodies, municipal authorities, shopkeepers' associations, chambers of commerce, transport companies, educational establishments and other consulting companies.


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