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Trafikverket Region Stockholm
(Swedish Transport Administration)

The task of the Swedish Transport Administration (STA) is to work in cooperation with other players for the efficient development of the transport system in the direction stipulated by the Swedish Government and Parliament.

The goal is to provide citizens and the business community with good conditions for travel and transport. STA operations are to result in a transport system that is of good standard, socio-economically efficient and accessible to everyone. It shall be safe, environmentally sound, gender-equal and contribute to regional balance.

To reduce transport sector energy consumption and the environmental impact of traffic, we at the STA work in cooperation with municipal authorities, companies, associations and others with the aim to reduce the environmental problems caused by transport. We also develop knowledge and conduct analyses to determine what can be done to create a sustainable transport system.

For the past couple of years, seven EU countries have been working together on mobility management issues within the EPOMM project (European Platform on Mobility Management). Sweden is represented by the Swedish Transport Administration in this project.




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